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Oversized Glass

The term oversize glass refers to glass that is larger than 'normal' sizes of glass, whether in single or double glazed form.

Many factors limit glass size:
• glass manufacturing capability
• toughening furnace capability
• double glazing unit manufacturing capability
• weight and size for transportation and craneage

Traditionally, the maximum size of annealed glass is limited to 3210x6000mm (jumbos), but toughened and double glazed units sizes are substantially less. When made into double glazed units, these can be considered oversize.

Oversized Glass

Larger glass panel sizes provide better opportunities to improve the aesthetic design and reduce interfaces with glass or other construction components, leading to more daylight and unique panoramic views.

It is possible to supply oversized glass (toughened, IGU, solar control and laminated) with maximum dimensions of 8x3.3m, which is some of the largest available in the world.

Coloured laminated, ceramic screen printed, digital printed, and enamel-coated glass is available in large sizes.